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Keeping Things Tidy

I have having problems with App Deletion across my power app environments. I am attaching a screen shot from all 3 environments to further clarify below.


1. Power Apps on the Web - The MyApps section is correct. Only 2 apps should exist - the others were deleted by me. (Good)

2. Power Apps Desktop - The Apps don't seem to have a delete button. I want to get rid of everything EXCEPT the two apps shown on the web (see #1 and screen shot).

3. Power Apps App on the iPhone - Has a bunch of SAMPLE apps that I want to get rid of. Only two apps should be available to internal users accessing the share on their phones.


How do I get all these environments to display the same apps? (Ideally, when I delete a PowerApp in 1 environment, it should automatically delete on the other two as well). I would like them all the same to simplify things for myself and users/testers I'm sharing with.


Thank you for your advice and help in advance,









iOS10 - iPhone 6



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Re: Keeping Things Tidy

Hi, the quick fix to 3 is to filter the PowerApps column for Mine instead of All

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Re: Keeping Things Tidy

That does work in cases where want to make it easy for me to find my own apps. However, this is more of a clean-up / consistency situation, where I don't want people I share with to see more than 'they' need to see. So, with this question I have 4 goals (for the user experience - not my own):


1. Simplify so that when they go to use the app(s) in PowerApps on the phone they only find what has been shared with them and aren't distracted by sample or legacy apps.

2. Set consistent expectations for what is visible (versus what has been deleted) on each work space (Phone, Web, and Desktop)

3. Understand why #2 above might be impacted by what I do, or don't do, related to deleting apps. So that I can predict how the UI will respond.

4. Avoid peers editing apps that should have been deleted/deprecated. (Should I unshare before I delete, for example?)


Sorry I wasn't clear on goals, but thank you for offering a work around.



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Re: Keeping Things Tidy

Hi Audrie, I fully agree on all your points, let's hope someone is listening.

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Keeping Things Tidy

Hi Audrie,


About #4, if you delete the Apps you shared with someone, shared Apps would no longer exit in either your side nor shared users side, so your shared users should not be able to edit the Apps.


About #1, #2 and #3, Please submit these ideas at “PowerApps Ideas”. Below is the link of “PowerApps Ideas”:

Best regards,
Mabel Mao

Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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Re: Keeping Things Tidy

I experienced the same issue. I was able to "fix" my iPhone's PowerApp list by deleting and re-installing the PowerApps app.


I say "fix" (in quotes) because I don't consider this to be a true fix, but more of a workaround for a newly emerging technology that  is clearly not ready for prime time yet.