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Level: Power Up

Link to a specific screen

Hello! I want to open my PowerApp from QR code and i want to have a link to a specific screen (not the main screen). Is it possible to generate this link? I'll appreciate your help.

Level 8

Re: Link to a specific screen

Go check this out....


For your App, you can add parameters to the end of the URL.  For example:  http://<myAppUrl>?screenID=3


?screenID=3 creates a parameter in Powerapps named "ScreenID" and sets the value to 3.


You can access this Parameter in PowerApps by calling the Param() function, like this:




So you could modify your "OnStart" function:


Set(startScreen,Param("screenID"));If(startScreen=1, Navigate..,If(startScreen=2, Navigate.........


etc, etc.  Does that help?