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Order of App Deployment

I would appreciate any input into the procedure for deploying a developed application to a new client.

1.   I have a P2 powerapps license, Office 365 Business Essentials, and Office 365 ProPlus with Azure AD and 

            Azure Subscriptions through MS Partner and Pay-As-You-Go

2.   I developed an application for a client who has no Office online accounts, but has business domain (xyz).

             ** Connections will be combination of On-Premise SQL Server and CDS

3.   I signed up for "xyz" PowerApps P2 so I could continue to develop on their system once deployed

4.   I signed up "xyz" for Azure AD to manage 60-100 users who would be using the application

5.   I created Free Trial Azure subscription for "xyz" and transitioned subscription to Pay-As-You-Go

6.   I do export/import to move application from my Tenant(?) to "xyz" Tenant(?)

7.   I add On-Premise Gateway for SQL Server containing database set up with application tables

8.   I recreate (or export/import) custom CDS Entities



Any gaps or out of order sequences in process that you can see?



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Re: Order of App Deployment

You need to have the connector that you want to use in PowerApps. Then you need to have  PowerApps license. And that's all the order.