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Parent/Child New Form - SharePoint Lookup field

Hello! I have a Parent/Child New Form question/issue
I have two sharepoint lists. One called Projects (id, name, status, etc) and the other one called ProjectTasks (id, project_id, name, etc). The ProjectTasks list has a reference field called project_id, which I am using for the Parent/Child relationship between the projects and the tasks. So the projects can have many tasks.

Screen 1.pngShow ProjectScreen2.pngList Related task and Add new Task ButtonScreen3.pngAdd new Task form and Parent ID
The App that I created is very simple; it has a  GalleryProject screen where you can see all the projects. If you go into a projects, you can view the project details; and if you click on the tasks icon you can see all the tasks related to the project. Ideally, I would like to be able to create new task and make sure that this new task is referenced back to the project_id. (parent).  
I have a screen called NewTask where I have a NewTaskFrom with all the Task information, including a Drop Down called Project_ID that list all the projects (remembers, this is a reference field to Projects list)
The challenge I am having is that I am unable to set/ auto-selected the NewTaskFrom.Project_ID dropdown with the ProjectGallery.Selected.ID.
I tried to change the Default value to “ProjectGallery.Selected.ID” which it seems to work. However, when I try to submit the form I get an error as if the Project_ID dropdown is empty.  I have tried many things, but still have not been able to do it. 
I was wondering if anyone had the same issue and can share a workaround. Thanks!

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Re: Parent/Child New Form - SharePoint Lookup field

anyone please????

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Re: Parent/Child New Form - SharePoint Lookup field

I hear you Javier. I'm wanting to do the same thing but there doesnt seem to be much help on this type of thing does there? If you want it to make a 101 App in Excel it'll do that but, as with most Microsoft product,s once you try and create something used in EVERYDAY life, forget it unless you want to spend hoursd and ghours of learning and research.


I think you're supposed to learn this stuff through osmosis or using the force because beyond the simplist, it always seems you're in uncharted territory. So much for no code solutions. As far as I'm concerned thats a marketing ploy playing on semantics. 


Sure it's not code you're writing but expressions but, give me a break, make something we can all use. It's like me trying to teach these people how to cook but explaining everything in biochemical terms instead of just laying it out in point form using ingredients.


In other words, it all needs to be Janet and Johned quite a bit more if they actually want people to use it or at least provide a USEFUL set of instructions and examples NOT a one list app based on Excel for pete's sake. It's always; oh it's a beta version, its a new technology blah blah blah.


All this being said, I was playing with the techniques in a Qdabra webinar wherein the woman actually runs through the parent-child method, but, surprise: no use of lookups (only simple text fields) and the webinar package did not include the actual completed examples, only the parent side of things contrary to what was promised in the webinar. Link to the webinar:


Good luck