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[PowerApps] Connection with an SQL Server

Content migrated from TechNet.  Post attribution to:  BlackD1ece


Good evening,

I'm starting on trying the new service provided by MS (PowerApps) and I'm not able to connect my SQL Servers to the PowerApp's, as listed on:

And I'm not even close to get the API to work, would like if someone could give me a clue.

First thing is that I log into Azure enviroment and I can't Access PowerApps (while logging in with the APP it lets me).

Also, why is there no option from the app itself to connect to SQL Server enviroments? (Or Dynamics NAV ones).


I tried creating a BBDD on Azure, to use it's connection String to add it to PowerApps, but it keeps telling me "The data did not load correctly. Please try again". I tried with all the strings that Azure CMS gives you, and none is working(Firewall on the server is already allowing my connections).

Any clue?

EDIT: I managed to connect via AZURE with the ADO String obtained through Azure CMS. Still unable to connect to a SQL Server not in Azure enviroment.

Thank you very much, best regards.