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PowerApps Mentorship Awards 2018

Just finished watching the PowerApps Mentorship Awards on YouTube a little bit ago and I wanted to say congrats to all those recognized! Some legends of PowerApps there.


In the spirit of recognition, I just wanted to give a shoutout to the PowerApps community. There are so many people on these forums that make the platform great and provide support for others. It is awesome to be part of such a positive community full of people willing to help each other out. 


If you have a shoutout you would like to give to someone who has been particularly helpful, mention them in this thread. 


Personally, I would like to mention @ericonline@seadude who is a great community member and starts some of the best discussions. Your positivity and enthusiasm are contageous!


Also, @h-nagao who provides me with a ton of inspiration with the crazy apps he makes. It has been an honor to get to collaborate with you a little and learn from your approach!


And @TopShelf-MSFT, thanks for all you do to keep things running in the forums. Keeping up with all that goes on in this place is no small task and you are appreciated!


I could mention a literal dozen more, but I will end it there. Again, feel free to reply with shoutouts to the community. You all rock!

Level 10

Re: PowerApps Mentorship Awards 2018

Hey thanks @wyotim! Following in your footsteps buddy!
Level 10

Re: PowerApps Mentorship Awards 2018

Thank you @wyotim. For me, it's really great oppotunity to communicate with you as well.


Re: PowerApps Mentorship Awards 2018

Thank you @wyotim! And thank you for all you do in the PowerApps community!