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PowerBIIntegration.Refresh() not refreshing the report.

Use Case: Update coordinates in PowerApps for a location plotted in a scatter chart within PowerBI report to move the bubble  to a different X,Y location.


Problem statement: Using Powerapps custom visual in PowerBi does not update the power bi report with changes while using the new PowerBIIntegration.Refresh() call.

Welcome any help from someone who has used this power apps visual in the link below (powerapps custom visual for power bi v2) to update changes back to power bi using the latest PowerBIIntegration.Refresh() call.


Here were my steps:

1. Developed a new PBI report with a scatter chart using sharepoint online as the data source. The location entity that i used has data following fields: location ID, location name, X coordinate, Y coordinate and last updated on.

2. Added PowerApp custom visual and picked the same entity and fields as in the report.

3. Created and published a new PowerApp with the auto generated gallery along with an edit from that I added to update X,Y coordinates to move the bubble around the scatter chart.

4. Selected a bubble in the scatter chart which selected the appropriate location in PowerApps. Made changes to X,Y coorindates and selected SAVE button to submit the form. See the changes correctly written to share point list.

5. Power BI report however does not move the location visually and data is still old when you click to do show data on the visual.


Problem: Power BI report after auto refreshing itself doesn't show the changes meaning the bubble didn't move to new X,Y coordinate. PowerApp has new coordinates, however PowerBI has old coordinates.



Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: PowerBIIntegration.Refresh() not refreshing the report.

Hi @cyberama ,


Is this app a newly created app or did you add this function to an existing app? The Refresh() function gets added to PowerApps from the visual on creation. Therefore it will not be available for existing PowerApps. The workaround for now is creating a new app and then copy and paste the items from the existing app. If you need this feature, please upvote this uservoice request.




Community Support Team _ Mona Li
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Re: PowerBIIntegration.Refresh() not refreshing the report.

Appreciate the reply very much!!!

Good question. I wanted to use it in an existing app. Since I saw the warning from some blog posts, I created a new app. first to test and make sure it works. My plan is to continue with this new app. and add some of the screens I need from old app. to new.

I have zipped up screens in case you want to see it. All straight forward I think and nothing fancy I did. Thanks again for your help!!