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Rate Limit is Exceeded using SharePoint Lists

Starting yesterday, I'm finding that I am getting the 'Rate Limit is Exceeded' message repeatedly on an existing app that previously rarely, if ever, got this error.


My understanding was that the Rate Limit applied to transactions rather than records, e.g. a single delegable filter command would be one transaction irrespective of the number of records returned. Is this correct? Is there a resource which defines what actions count agains the Rate Limit?


I have reduce the frequency with which I refresh data sources and that has definitely helped, reduce, but not completely eliminate the 'Rate-Limit' warnings.


To help trouble-shoot, is there any way of viewing the transaction Rate while testing an App to try to determine if the limit is being approached and how much each command is eating up the limit?




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Re: Rate Limit is Exceeded using SharePoint Lists

Hi Paul,

Let me look into this for you.

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Re: Rate Limit is Exceeded using SharePoint Lists

Thanks @mr-dang

I have tested again today and I'm not getting the Rate-Limit warning so far. I'll try putting some of the original refresh statements back in to see if that triggers it again.