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Re: Server Errors with lookup() and refresh() to SQL connectors - System BUG!


Still nothing.  I also called in a case # 119013024001541 last wednesday.  I was told PA team would get back with me in 4-8 hours.  Well, its been a solid week and nothing.  I'm really wondering if using PA for a production solution was a big mistake.  


My Server errors have been non-relenting.  I got a new one here too.  No idea what this is.  Do you?



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Re: Server Errors with lookup() and refresh() to SQL connectors - System BUG!

@TopShelf-MSFT, @GregLi,


Ok, get this.  Shortly after my last post, I receive a call from India.  Since I was not expecting an international call, I let it go.  Seems it was PA support.  They left a message telling me to email them back when I'm ready to have support help.  Well, how am I to do that when there is NO email?  I'm am growing so tired of this.  It took SEVEN days to hear back on a ticket that was supposed to have a  4 to 8 hour response time.  So, I'm sure this guy is waiting for me now, and I have NO WAY to contact him.  This is absolutely pathetic. 


My only resolution was to call office365 support again, and they could not offer me anything other than to create another ticket.  I went ahead and entered another ticket myself.  I have no other recourse. 


Second ticket # 119020619638598

PowerApps Staff GregLi
PowerApps Staff

Re: Server Errors with lookup() and refresh() to SQL connectors - System BUG!

@martinav, w're very sorry about the slow response.  


The error message that you included in the thread is about a record being changed on the server outside of the Canvas app.  You also mentioned in the thread that you were using Flow which could be the source of the external change.  If this is the issue, you need to refresh the data source before attempting to change again from PowerApps.  


If that isn't the issue, I'll need more details on the operations you are attempting and the error messages you are receiving back.

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Super User

Re: Server Errors with lookup() and refresh() to SQL connectors - System BUG!

@GregLi ,


I am getting many server errors.  The app where I get the errors the most are not doing any changes with flow.  In fact, there is no changes going on in a flow that is not specifically initiated by a user during some edit or other function that is very plain.  


Just as an example, I just launched this app.  I received a server error on launch.  There is absolutely no data being changed during the activity of launching the app.  However, there are many OnStart statements that are occurring.  I will include that here:


Session ID: 1d571a9e-0161-4070-8a4e-15a6daa564d0
PowerApps 3.19021.11




ClearCollect(ACCT_List1,(SortByColumns('[dbo].[VIEW_POWERAPPS_BASIC_ACCTIVATE_DATA]',"ProductID", Ascending))),
ClearCollect(ACCT_List2,(SortByColumns('[dbo].[VIEW_POWERAPPS_BASIC_ACCTIVATE_DATA]',"ProductID", Descending)))

ClearCollect(ACCT_Data_All,ACCT_List1,Filter(ACCT_List2, Not(ProductID in ACCT_List1.ProductID))),   
ClearCollect(MDL_All_Pre,MDL_List1,Filter(MDL_List2, Not(ID in MDL_List1.ID)))


Collect(MDL_All,AddColumns(MDL_All_Pre, "LastCost",LookUp(ACCT_Data_All,MD_PartNumber=ProductID,LastCost), "OnHand",LookUp(ACCT_Data_All,MD_PartNumber=ProductID,OnHand), "Available", LookUp(ACCT_Data_All,MD_PartNumber=ProductID,Available), "Location_Acct", LookUp(ACCT_Data_All,MD_PartNumber=ProductID,Location), "Discontinued_Acct", LookUp(ACCT_Data_All,MD_PartNumber=ProductID,Discontinued),"Acct_Bom", LookUp(ACCT_Data_All,MD_PartNumber=ProductID,Acct_BOM)));



Just after loading the app, it appears to have run fine... but then I start looking at the screen, and I find a sometimes random "X".  This time, it is on a simple lookup command.  It shows Server Error.  



Despite the server errors, the data appears complete and correct.  I have not had anyone tell me any different.  


The ticket I mentioned earlier has finally generated some activity.  The suppoert person asked me for my On Prem gateway log.  I have no idea where to find that.  



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