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Sharing with Everyone

I have an app that I can share with people in my organization by entering their user name. When I try to share with "Everyone" it does NOT work.

I have other apps that I have shared with everyone sucsessfully....


Work around is to share with each user individually...but thats hundreds of entries.



PowerApps Staff Mr-Dang-MSFT
PowerApps Staff

Re: Sharing with Everyone

When you say it does not work, can you describe what that looks like? Are you seeing an error? What is the error? Can you take a screenshot? Are you an owner of the app?


CC @linhtran

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Re: Sharing with Everyone

Thanks for the response. iIam the owner of the app. There is no error message. When I share with everyone, "everyone" shows up as a single entry on the left side of the panel. It appears as if it worked perfectly one sees the app under either all apps or my apps in their Powerapps.