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Simple data import question - Import Data from Excel

Hi all,

I'm new to PowerApps. Just learning how to create model driven apps. Got stuck with loading data to entities.

Here is what I've done:

  1. In PowerApps, went to Data/Entities, New entity.
  2. Created a new entity called Prospect
  3. Added a few basic fields.
  4. Went to Data tab, clicked Get data/Get data from Excel.
  5. Uploaded an Excel file.
  6. It says Mapping errors exist. So I clicked Map fields to map the relevant fields. Made sure the mandetory fields are mapped properly.
  7. Mapping status changed to Mapping was successful
  8. Then I clicked on Import.
  9. It says Import completed successfully, but Error message - Load data.PNGInserts and updates: 0
















Help please! I haven't done any other configurations. Have no idea why this just wouldn't load. Tried a few times, logged in and out a few times, waited for overnight, still no data shows up...


Thanks in advance.