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Take Image, rename and upload to Sharepoint List

The 'Attachments' function works well and allows the PowerApp to capture photos or select from gallery for upload to Sharepoint list.


However, can the image file names be renamed before uploading?

Level 8

Re: Take Image, rename and upload to Sharepoint List

@veeresh  I have three input fields in my app that are might look similar to 52, 0027, 23.4.  When a user takes images, I wanted to name the images using these 3 inputs as the prefix so I created a (hidden)label that concatenates the inputs resulting in 52_0027_23.4.  When an image is saved, it is added to a collection where I join the text from the hidden label + 1.jpg.


My button formula is set to (simplified):

               Photo: imgPhotos.Image,
               Filename: Concatenate(
                      photoName.Text, Text(CountRows(PhotoList) + 1),
                      ".jpg" )

Again, I have simplified the formula in this example but I hope this example will help you get started.