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Troubleshooting Powerapps: finding methods used

On one of my projects i'm working on, i'm getting the following error when opened 1 of the screen.



Office365Users.UserPhotoMetadata failed: The method 'UserPhotoMetadata' has an invalid value for parameter 'userId'



Now my challenge is i'm unable to find which part of the powerapp that is using this method. I've looked through every screens, every objects.


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Is there a debugging tool to locate this?


Note this error does not show in the creator studio app and allows me to save and publish without any issues, only on the app itself.


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Re: Troubleshooting Powerapps: finding methods used

Have you looked at the App Checker?
Its the stethoscope in the top right corner of the editor: Sans titre2.png
It should hold exactly where the error is in the respective tab Sans titre3.png

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Re: Troubleshooting Powerapps: finding methods used

@ebDev : Yes I have checked those. There are some delegation warnings but it has nothing to do with this error. As mentioned, I can save and publish the app just fine. In fact the app works fine too for the users.


The error only appears when a user and/or his/her manager does not have a photo in their account. Even so, the app still works as expected.


It is just annoying trying to explain these to the users to ignore it each time I get asked about it.

App-checker (1).PNG