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Unable to save new record to the sharepoint list


I am creating a leave system for my company through Sharepoint. I tried customizing the edit form using powerapps. So when I fill all the records in edit form as shown in powerapp.png, and click on save button as in normal sharepoint form, my fields get reset to their defaults and i get 'entry required or invalid value'(see the attachment named 'powerapp.png') and the item isn't added to my sharepoint list. 


However the record does get added to list if using normal sharepoint form as shown in normal_sharepoint.png. 


Note: I have created a custom text field in powerapp.png which calculates me the leave days excluding weekdays and weekends. ( this is a major requirement)

Also I have enabled content-approval in my sharepoint list because the item is sent to manager for approval. Hence a content-type data field equal to 'Item' always shows up when I open the edit form in normal sharepoint and some unique id is autogenerated. However I enabled the content type field in powerapps too but still the same error.


Can someone help me with this? I have got frustrated and been unable to solve for past 3 days.