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Business Rules in Power Apps Portals

Good Morning to everybody,

I am building a Power Apps Portal and, in a form, I need to hide a field based on a condition. Because Portals use a model-driven application as base, I've opted for using a business rule to do this. The problem is that the business rule doesn't work and, after made some researches on the web, I found conflicting answers on whether or not the business rules are supported on the portals.

The even stranger situation, however, is that if I create a business rule that fills in a field with a sample sentence, if this is empty, everything works correctly.

I wanted to ask if someone else has had a similar situation and how to solve it


Super User
Super User

it depends on the scope of the business rule, some are server-side, like the one you mentioned, but when it comes to hide/show fields etc, this is all client-side, and are ignored on the Portals level.

You will need to apply JavaScript for that.

Plenty of threads on similar need, let us know if you face any issues.

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