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Changes made through Portal Management are overwritten by Sync in Portal Maker


I have been administering multiple portals on multiple tenants, and I have noticed on all instances that sometimes changes (e.g. form metadata, web link sets,...) that were made through the Portal Management app are being reset when doing a "sync" on the Portal Maker...

It drives me crazy that I have to redo the changes over and over again...

Any ideas about the cause?



Super User
Super User

Hi @KoenJanssensPD 


Never faced it before on Power Apps Portals. Probably a bug in Power Pages. Haven't tested but worth raising a ticket with the Microsoft support team. 


official docs to raise a ticket: 


Hope it helps. 

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I have been testing this a bit more, and it seems to be multiple issues.


One thing is related to the multiple languages my portal has. When I edit a link set for a (non-default) language, and I use the sync option on the maker app, the labels for the link set are set back to the default language. It seems to be related to a "known" issue: 


Known issues - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

  • While using Power Apps portals Studio, if your portal base language is different than the browser's language, the new webpages created using the Default studio template will have dummy content inserted in browser's language instead of portal language.

 Another thing is that for Basic Forms, the field "Record Source Type" is always reset to "Query string" when making changes on the form through the maker app...

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