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One app - multiple businesses

Hi everyone,

I've been using PowerApps for a couple of years and find myself building the same app over and over again within my customer's tenants (all are smaller not for profits).

Is it possible to build the app in my own tenant, enable Power Pages and allow "partner" organisations access?

If so, how would I keep each partner's data separate without any manual table creation per partner organisation?

How could I allow access to any active user in their tenant (rather than invite users 1-by-1? (they all have PowerApps licenses with basic connectors only, like E1, E3 and Business Premium)

Any pointers in the right direction would be helpful as I'm finding that after hours of reading and tutorials, I'm no closer to finding out if this usecase is supported and possible?

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Can you use 1 PowerApps Portal for multiple Customers = Yes.

What you need to do depends on a number of factors like do you need data to be separated/segregated in the Dataverse (more complex), or is it just keeping it separate for the Portal Users

  • the Portal uses Web Roles that have Table Permissions and these are what you use to keep the data separated for the Portal.  This is done by establishing Table Permissions based on either the Contact, Account, and Parent scopes.
  • If you need to further Segregate it in Dataverse, then you need to setup a Business Unit structure and appropriate Security Role privilege levels and  then Assign records to appropriate Users or Teams

(note: Web Role and Security Role are two different things)


There is a portal type that is called Partner Portal, it is probably not what you need but may give you some idea of what can be done.


With regards to auto access to the Portal, there is probably not an easy way to do this.  The easiest is to probably automate the Invitation process.  In the past we have let externals add their own users, by creating a record from the Portal and then process that record to create a Contact record for them and then send them a Portal invite.

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