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Breaking Flow up into optional capabilities

I'm curious if anyone's tried to tackle this and how you went about doing it, or what related features might be in Flow's roadmap.


Currently I have a Flow that does 50+ operations, but also based on the input type will do 50 different operations.

I.e., if input equals Sales, it does these 50 operations. But if input equals Accounting, it does those 50 operations. 


I'm looking into the idea of breaking up these 50 operations to make it more of a "pick and choose" thing. I would love for my flow users to be able to have something like a checkbox next to the categories of tasks.  Something like

* Create Calendar Items

* Create Task Items
* Send Emails

* Etc....

I'd like to allow a user to check the boxes for Creating Calendar Items, and Send Emails, but leave Create Task Items UNchecked to skip that list of automations.


Has anyone done anything like this? Thanks!

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Re: Breaking Flow up into optional capabilities

Seems like Microsoft Forms would be able to acheive this for you.


- Create a new form, or quiz.

- Create a question of the 'Choice' type and allow that question to have multiple answers.

- Then create an automated trigger, that starts whenever using the 'When a new response is submitted' MS Forms trigger.

- You could then create multiple branches for each set of actions, and do a simple condition check to see if the user needs that part of the branch to run or not. You could also make the initial flow to just handle the results of the form, and keep logic for each individual action in their own flow.

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Re: Breaking Flow up into optional capabilities

Thanks @MatthewHolmes for the reply. One thing I like about your suggestion is that it appears I could implement it without having to rebuild my Flow into mutliple smaller flows.. I could just build the Form 'checks' into the current one, saving me quite a bit of time!

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Re: Breaking Flow up into optional capabilities

@MatthewHolmes How can I check against the boxes selected from the multiple choice Form question? When I build the condition, it shows me the question, but not the options that the user was able to select (see screenshot). ThanksScreen Shot 2019-09-12 at 3.51.43 PM.png

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Re: Breaking Flow up into optional capabilities

Great question, @ryan2k !

This is my second time replying, as my first response resulted in an error and the draft never saved Smiley Indifferent


You're very close to the right answer.. When a form is submitted, and the data is passed through to your MS Flow, the answers to your questions are sent in the form of an array.


In the case of a 'choice' question, the options selected are the only data sent back - for example:


Question One:


- Option Alpha (selected)

- Option Beta (not-selected)

- Option Charlie (selected)


The data we would get back for that question would be ["Option Alpha","Option Charlie"].


You could simply do a condition/if statement to check if the array/question contains 'Option Alpha', and another for 'Option Charlie'.



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Re: Breaking Flow up into optional capabilities

Thank you much for the detail! I'll be implementing this and testing. 

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