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401 Unauthorized error HTTP request to SharePoint

Hi All

I have a SharePoint list in a site where i am the site collection admin and i need to assign item level permissions using flow. 

The action I am struggling with is a HTTP request to the SharePoint list that breaks the inheritance on the list item and clears the permissions.  This is the Uri:

_api/lists/getByTitle('Lead Tracker')/items(26)/breakroleinheritance(copyRoleAssignments=false,clearSubscopes=true)


The error I get is as follows:

clientRequestId: 514e6910-7991-4e44-bab7-5fe0cdd5a684
serviceRequestId: e8b4589f-a0b5-b000-4b0a-56c51320fdbf


anyone have any experience in this area?

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yes, i am also getting same error message

clientRequestId: 32bf5112-37c8-42d6-94b4-e025bb24e3e5
serviceRequestId: 15705f9f-80ac-9000-a014-18dac672acc7

Action 'Send_an_HTTP_request_to_SharePoint_3' failed

Hey vkumar


I have managed to resolve my issue, I found I had a space as first character, when I removed this, my issue disappeared, please check for any spaces in your text!

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I checked there is no extra space in text. i am using below text in Post method. I am unable to fix this, it would be nice if you can assist me.


_api/lists/getByTitle('List Name')/items(@{body('Get_item')?['ID']})/breakroleinheritance(copyRoleAssignments=false,clearSubscopes=true).


Error message: 401 UNAUTHORIZED
clientRequestId: be979f41-aec3-49d0-8ac2-48667cddd469
serviceRequestId: 2a795f9f-b0d6-9000-a014-138a108c7a19

unfortunately I am also rather inexperienced in this area, I have posted questions on other blogs and till now did not get any response on my question, so I can only tell you what worked for me and that was finding the space in front of the first underscore.


What you could do is put the list name into a variable as well as the Item id and then use the variables in the uri as indicated below in bold.  When the flow runs, you can then also check if the variable are capturing the correct data.


_api/lists/getByTitle('List Name')/items(@{body('Get_item')?['ID']})/breakroleinheritance(copyRoleAssignments=false,clearSubscopes=true)


Give that a bash and let me know

What I found in my situation is that the user that starts the flow must be member of the Site Owners group. I found that assigning Full Control permissions is not enough, eventhough that permission level includes 'Manage Permissions'. 

Yeah, I had the same problem as @duncooke after following this guide. Maybe Chandani Prajapati can fix that?

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