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Advocate III

502 BadGateway Error When Power Automate Changes Document To Approved

Greetings :


I have a Power Automate Flow that goes through and gets approvals throughout a department and at the end is suppose to update a document in a SharePoint document library to approved and though creating a new major version. At the start it successfully sets the document to submitted. I have the library setting set to 

  • Require content approval submitted item
  • Create major and minor versions
  • only users can edit items
  • require documents to be checked out before can edit.

The account used to run the test is an owner so permissions also should be an issue. I've reached my wits end. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

 Error Screen Shot.png

Community Champion
Community Champion

There are a few common issues for 502 errors, which includes:

  • Transient issues - They are usually a hiccup on the Power Platform backend and work themselves out
  • Column formatting - Check your column settings and the column data you are trying to pass through to it. There could be a column formatted differently from the data type you are trying to pass in, such as multiple records being passed to a column that does not support them
  • Your flow has hit limits - Verify that your flow is not crossing the Limits and configurations, especially those for duration 30 day run duration
  • Wrong/expired user credentials - The credentials being used for the step in question may have wrong or expired credentials, verify in the Data > Connections menu that the connection is still active, and also insure it has the required permissions at the document library level

If you could provide an expanded screenshot of your Flow and steps, your Flow run history, and of any detailed error messages you're receiving we could likely better assist you. Also, for the best results, you may want to review How to write a good forum post.

If this reply answers your question or solves your issue, please ACCEPT AS SOLUTION ☑️. If you find this reply helpful, please consider giving it a LIKE. Want to know more? Follow @BradGroux on Twitter, and check out my Medium blog at

Hi.  I stripped down my flow to the barebones of getting the document from SharePoint, getting the metadata for the eTag and then submitting & approving.  With that straight flow it worked. When I put conditional break and parallels paths back in, the flow it times back out with the 502 error when it get to set content approval status to approve.

Workflow Screenshoot.png

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Did you ever resolve this issue - im also getting a bad Gateway 502 when doing exactly what you are doing - using a parallel path for approval or denial.

New Member

I've also started getting these.  I have a flow that updates an Excel online workbook about 400-500 times a day max. from text withing Outlook online email bodies, with possibly 2 or 3 per minute.  However, I've added a delay in the code to spread these out by 66 seconds (thinking it was a per minute limit) but I'm still getting the errors and seeing them with differences of 8 minutes between each trigger.


My columns are formatting correct, also I can resubmit the flows and they work fine.  User credentials are correct as well.

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