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Action Create file failed File Not Found error 404


Got an error in the flow, it is working fine until today. 20 times it runs successfully, without errors, please help me understand why is failed now.

The flow:

When a new email arrives in a shared mailbox (V2):

1) Get Emails (V2); with attachments - action completed
2) Condition Yes No; - action completed

3) If "No" - do nothing; - action completed

4) If "Yes"- below; - action completed

5) Send an email "autoreply"; - action completed

6) Compose (the dynamic path with current date-time utc.); - action completed

7) Inside apply to each( Save attachments to the SharePoint site - Create file ); - action completed

😎 Export emails (V2) (Message-ID from "get emails" from step 1) - action completed

9) Create file 3 (path from step 6 and file content is body from step 1, the filename is subject from step 1) - action completed but "subject.eml" file is empty.

10) Create file 2 (path from step 6 and file content is body from step 5 filename is subject from step 1)Action 'Create_file_2' failed – Error Details (File Not Found) 

11) send an email 2 (V2) – skipped

12) send an email 3 (V2) (configured to run if skipped, failed, timeout ); - action completed

Screenshot 2020-11-05 at 12.52.25.png

Some advice, please.


Community Champion
Community Champion

HI @Dejmos 


I just stumbled on this request, but it's been a while that you submitted it. Were you able to fix it?
If so, how did you do it so that the community can benefit from your findings?


If I have answered your question, please mark your post as Solved.
If you like my response, please give it a Thumbs Up.


Hi Manuel, 

Unfortunately, community can't get any benefit, cause I unable to answer what cause that error.

For now the flow runs without any issues.


Thank you for your time.




Resolver II
Resolver II

I had a very similar issue. Where I am getting file via API from a source then storing that file into SharePoint. Then shortly after I am trying to modify the same file I just added to SharePoint. But it complains it does not exist. Yet I can see it there.


My only thought is that I am experiencing network latency. 

Regular Visitor

 I have encountered this error also and one thing I found out is the resulting file name that will be used, especially if you use the subject of the email as the file name. You should check first if the filename has special characters then you should omit those special characters. Or find a way that it will use a different file name.


I hope this suggestion will help this thread.




Thank you! That solved my issue. 

New Member

Hello, this worked for me.



hi @Jupaza ,


Thank you for the info. This worked for me. Can you let me know how this fixed the issue?


Thank you.

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