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Action "Post a feed notification" returns "The response is not in a JSON format."

Hi community!


It all started out with me wanting to use the template "Follow up on a message":


For some users, this flow failed. The failing action was "Post a feed notification" and the error message "The response is not in a JSON format":


However, this was only the case for some users. I suspected that it might have to do with the language settings (as you can see in the screenshot above, the issue comes up for a French user - but for German users it worked fine).


So I tried to reproduce it on a demo tenant: For the admin user, it worked fine, but for two English test users, it failed with the same error message.


Then, I tried to set up a minimal example with one of these test users:




However, this also failed:




The contents:


  "error": {
    "code": 400,
    "source": "",
    "clientRequestId": "1d59f9ce-bdd2-4b1a-948a-02cc0726bd61",
    "message": "The response is not in a JSON format.",
    "innerError": "Cannot read server response."

  "Pragma": "no-cache",
  "x-ms-request-id": "westeurope:7458d265-b522-4157-a921-b8865382ff54",
  "x-ms-correlation-request-id": "7458d265-b522-4157-a921-b8865382ff54",
  "x-ms-flow-mobile-ios-version": "1.3.0",
  "x-ms-flow-routing-request-id": "WESTEUROPE:20220307T060248Z:7458d265-b522-4157-a921-b8865382ff54",
  "Strict-Transport-Security": "max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains",
  "X-Content-Type-Options": "nosniff",
  "Timing-Allow-Origin": "*",
  "x-ms-apihub-cached-response": "false",
  "x-ms-apihub-obo": "true",
  "Cache-Control": "no-cache",
  "Date": "Mon, 07 Mar 2022 06:02:47 GMT",
  "Content-Length": "256",
  "Content-Type": "application/json",
  "Expires": "-1"


So, to me, this seems like an issue with the action "Post a feed notification".


Does anyone have any ideas?

Super User
Super User

@mschafer85 the json is broken, please check if JSON is valid on


found a similar thread here



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Hello @jinivthakkar,


thanks for your response!


But the JSON seems correct - the very same message works for a different user.


Meanwhile it seems like we might have figuered it out, though: The action "Post a feed notification" seems to work for users which have the "Power Automate" app installed in Teams.

As soon as I add this app ...



... the JSON error disappears and the notification goes through.


Can anyone confirm this behaviour? I haven't found this limitation yet:

Resolver II
Resolver II

If you are having trouble with the "The response is not in a JSON format" error. Read this:

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