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Adaptive Card Approvals via Teams Broken / Not Registering?

Good day. I’m wondering if anyone can explain why a number of my adaptive card approvals may be failing today, but were fine last week? I have a flow which has been tested dozens of times with no issue. Today though, many of the approvals – which run through Microsoft Teams Channels in the form of adaptive cards – are not registering correctly. Today – more often than not – when the user hits the ‘Assign to Me’ button (aka Approve), the flow is not registering it, but the buttons disappear from the card like they usually would after being clicked. The failing ones do leave a ‘Result’ message though of “This request is not assigned to you.”


I’m not sure where “This request is not assigned to you” could be coming from; the whole point of the adaptive card is it goes to a Teams channel in order for someone to claim and assign to themselves.


Nothing in regards to the adaptive cards has changed on my end, and this section of the flow is relatively straight forward so not sure why this is now happening? It’s also not consistent as some of the approvals do register (and in turn updates the associated user field on the SharePoint list as it’s supposed to)


To summarise this section of the flow, it’s as follows:


  • Create an approval with 2 options; ‘Assign to Me’ or ‘Reject'.
  • Switch (determine which Teams channel it goes to and post to that channel)
  • Waits for approval
  • Condition (checks which option was selected)
  • If ‘Assign to Me’ update the SharePoint list with users name and move to next stage.
  • If ‘Rejected’ update the SharePoint list with users name and set status to rejected.


I had a look at the flows which ran, and they are still sitting waiting on the approval, despite the buttons already been clicked.

Relevant section of flowRelevant section of flowAdaptive Card "Result"Adaptive Card "Result"

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous ,


Would you please take a try with the flow again and let me know if the issue still exists?


Best regards,



Community Support Team _ Alice Zhang
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Hi @v-alzhan-msft. Issue is still happening today, yes. I'm a little reluctant to continuously troubleshoot and troubleshoot considering nothing much changed and it was working. Could this be linked to anything going on on Microsoft's end with either Flow, Teams or SharePoint?


Or, has anyone seen anything similar happen before?


Or, has anyone even seen "This request is not assigned to you" show up within an adaptive card approval after clicking approve?

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Have ran numerous tests, including reverting to a previous flow which 100% also used to work, and we're getting the same issue. Almost every adaptive card being approved within Teams results in "This request is not assigned to you", which doesn't make sense, they are simple approval cards which aren't "assigned" to anyone. The type of approval is simply "Wait for one response". Yet the flow no longer registers the acceptance of these adaptive cards at all.


Something MUST have changed on Microsoft's end between either Flow, Teams, SharePoint or Office in general. I know Flow and Office had issues last week (I couldn't do my work most of Wednesday) and I know that the name of the entire platform changed from Flow to Power Automate over the weekend, so I'm assuming one of the changes or updates has affected these apps / flows.


Is there anyone who can advise on what it might be? As it stands I'm going to have to overhaul the flow to not use Teams approvals at all.

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