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Add Dynamic content in text editor

Hi All, 
The standard way to add dynamic content into a feild is by using the side panel shown below.

This method becomes very comberson and unusable as the content becomes very large (for example the body of a email containing HTML content as well as dynamic content)


Is there a way I can simple add dynamic content withour using the side panel? for example by wrapping an expression is specific character e.g.




Re: Add Dynamic content in text editor

In the Body field, you can write whatever you want and mix it with any fields from the Dynamic Content.FlowMailBodyMixed.png


If you are using HTML (as the in the image above), ensure that it says "Yes" in the Is HTML? field under advanced options 🙂

Kind regards, John

Level 8

Re: Add Dynamic content in text editor

Hi John,


Thank you for the response. Unfortunaly it does not address the question.


I would like to add dynamic contant without using the side panel. That way I can use a seperate text editor and simply past it into the field. This is ideal as my HTML content and span hundreds of lines. It is then very inconvenient to go tinot the side panel and add dynamic content in all the required spots.

Re: Add Dynamic content in text editor

Ok 🙂 Let me see if I got the correct understanding. You want to use an editor to add one or more fields from the Dynamic Content into an HTML code, without using the sidepanel, but simply by writing the additional code in an editor outside of the Flow portal.


Well, I took the code from my example, copied it and pasted it into an editor. What I got is this (same part as the previous image)


     <img src=" library/images/hr/UsingAGSKB.png" height="128" title="Nominate employee using AGS KB!">
     <p>@{items('Apply_to_each')?['Title']}Using AGS KB</p>


The bold part is the field from the Dynamic Content! I then pasted it back into the body field and ran my flow - it works as normal!

So yes, it can be done and the only issue is to get the formula correct !


Good luck, kind regards, John

Level 8

Re: Add Dynamic content in text editor

Hi John,


Yes your understanding is correct. I also tried what you described but with an extra step.


1) copy fields

2) paste into text editor (notepad++)

3) Copy the text from the text editor

4) Paste back into Flow


The above steps did not work as flow did not detect the dynamic content. Can you confirm you did step 3, as it is necessry in order to make edits to the code. I belive the clipboard contains some meta data for the dynamic content that does not appear in the text editor.


Re: Add Dynamic content in text editor

Yes, I can do all the steps.

1) Identify the fields I need, add them to the body!










2) Copy the above to Notepad++ and you get this!



3) Modify the code to this - add new row with Modified date directly in the Notepad++!



4) Paste back into the flow, mail body, and ran the flow - got this e-mail with the modified date also!



The only problem is to get the code for the fields correct.

Kind regards, John









Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Add Dynamic content in text editor

Hi @ AnthonyPhan,


Does @JohnAageAnderse’s last reply solve your problem? The solution is works on my side.


You could refer to steps below:

1. You could add a “Created” dynamic content in the Body field as below:


2. You could copy the “Created” dynamic content to a Notepad, the expression in the Notepad as below:


3.Copy the expression from the Notepad to the body field of the “Send an email”.


4.You could add another expression of “Modified” by copy the expression of “Created” and modify it.


The flow would run successfully as below:




Alice Zhang

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