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Add comment to Sharepoint List Item

I am creating an approval flow for a sharepoint document library/list. I would like to add a comment to the item at each step of the approval process to create an audit trail of who did what and when. I cant seem to figure out how/if I can post a comment to and item. Any ideas?

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Hello @hightechlofi 

I can tell you that we are using the built-in version control to track who did what and when. No need for comments about that.


We then have a flow that can be used to publish the document, meaning that it will be sent for approval, and if approved, a PDF version of the document is published in another library, whichl the original document goes back to being a draft.


Only our PDF versions of documents are the valid ones.

Is the above something similar you are looking for?

Kind regards, John

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You might add an additional column (multi-line text) to the library.  Then, post comments to the text column from the approval (approval comments) to the column at each stage.  You might want to turn on versioning and check the "append text" box in the column settings.

Let me know if you need an example.


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Definitely a lame way to do it. Suppose this will work however to have a native comment system and not being able to address is out right dumb. 

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nothing new still 

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Hello @hightechlofi 

I observed that it is possible to add comments to items in a SharePoint list through the UI.

Still not possible for items in a SharePoint document library.

Kind regards, John

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You can add a comment with a HTTP-request action

2021-02-01 16_59_37-Edit your flow _ Power Automate.png










Or see this article 

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I have not had any luck with that method. The error I get is

"The expression web/lists/GetByTitle("Test")/Items(1)/Comments() is invalid. 

I tried POST and PATCH.



just to be sure. Your expression includes also the _api/ part like this?



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I found the issue. I had to use single quotes, both for the list title in the uri and for the JSON object. If I used double quotes, I got the error

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A list can have multiple columns known as properties, fields, or metadata. So a list item is a row with data in those columns. Learn how to add and edit single and multiple items, as well as delete items in Share Point lists.

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