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Adding link to form response in Flow approval chain


I am trying to create a flow that will allow us to do the following

  1. Trigger: Complete a FORM - this would be a request template created using Forms 
  2. Action: Approval of Form submission
  3. Condition: If approved and email will be sent to the person who submitted the form saying it was approved
  4. Action: Task created in Planner for the request

My problem is content, i can make the flow work but when it comes to approval you cant see the content of the completed Form survey. i cant work out how to include a link to the completed form. i can add answers but that ends up a garbled mess same issue for when it adds a task to planner all i get is a form ID or the garbled answers all jumbled together.

Below is a snap shot of the flow i have currently. any help would be great it is driving me crazy.

Begining of flowBegining of flowEnd of flowEnd of flow

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ TristanUTS,


Do you want to see the content of the completed Form survey when “Start an approval” or “Create a Task”?

Microsoft flow could support to get the Responders’ Email ,Submission time dynamic content and the questions value in action “Get response details” now, the link to the completed form is not supported currently.


You also could post your idea that the flow could support to get the link of the completed form in the Flow Ideas forum, so it might be considered for future releases.


As an alternative way, you could add a description before every value’s dynamic content of the completed form in the details of the “Start an approval” action, or the “Title” of the “Create a task” action, so that the answers wouldn’t all jumbled together.



The flow would run successfully as below:



G'day @v-yuazh-msft

Thanks for that, will post a request for the link to form as that is really what we need, but your solution does make it far less "messy" we want to be able to view the entire form submission at the apporval stage first, so the approvers can assess and approve or reject the form request, then again in planner a link to the form so the person at the other end of that task can open the form request and see exactly what is being requested so they can action.




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I'm in the exact same position! Did this ever get resolved? Did you find a way around it?


I'd like the same thing, which is to somehow get to the completed form for review.

There is an Item Link parameter on the "Start and Wait For Approval" flow component but I don't see anything in Dynamic Content that is a Form link.




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haha, I am finding the same function too, I want to see the detail form clearly when I going to do the approval.

You can't see the form itself after it has been submitted, but if you use a flow to save the form responses to a SharePoint list you can do everything you need to after that.

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Has this idea been submitted and if yes where can I upvote it?


Also a question to the work-around: Is it possible to create a link to the uploaded document (in case the question is an upload) rather then just the JSON string?

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