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Admin Center Messages syncing to Planner Flow failing

Happy Tuesday everybody. 

We finally got the "Admin Center Messages sync to Planner" feature, and I love that there's a Flow on the backend that syncs new messages. However, when I checked the Flow yesterday, I saw that it keeps failing 😞 




This is a MS-created Flow, so I am actually not even able to change it:




Has anybody found a way to fix this? 



Community Champion
Community Champion

HI @Cyndera 


I'm just wondering about the "Forbidden" message. Do you have permission to run this Power Automate? 

If you don't it will try to fetch data and return that error since there are no permissions so no data to return.


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Hi @manuelstgomes , thanks for your reply! The account I am using has all the permissions necessary (or at least I didn't get a connection error message). I don't think any special permissions are required; just access to the admin center and access to the Planner, both of which seem to be there (otherwise I wouldn't be able to see the admin center in the first place ... I guess). 

@manuelstgomes , I tested the Flow with another account that has access to the premium connectors etc, and I am getting the same error message. 

Hey Cyndera,


What are the inputs? Is there a way to download/display them here so that we can see what the JSON argument being invalid is being made?





@DCReina , happy Monday! Unfortunately, the screenshots I provided is all the info I can get about the Flow. The second step "Sync admin center" doesn't let me see anything beyond what the error messages states (aka when I Peek Code, it gives me the exact same info). 

Interesting. So you are unable to expand the Recurrence action on the error screen to see the outputs? I'm just curious to see what the actual JSON looks like out of the original trigger/action...but if they don't let us see it, I understand as well.

I can expand the Recurrence, but it really doesn't give you much: 



Note that I changed the Interval from 1 to 6 and the Frequency from Day to Hour (but the Flow didn't fail b/c of that, it never worked in the first place). 


Also, I was able to get the input from the Run History. Not sure if that helps. 



oof, unfortunately this has now become an issue beyond my pay grade.


Sorry! If I run across something that can help in my journeys across the desert landscapes of the various Power Platform communities, I'll come back and update here 🙂

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