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Alert container covers page

When ever I have an issue pop up on the screen, the flow screen does not readjust the screen size. To explain deeper, the issue box that pops up at the bottom of the screen just above the create flow button, covers the bottom of the flow section. When I attempt to fix the error, if the broken object is at the bottom of the page I can't get rid of the error without exiting the flow or going into inspect element and deleting this div. <div class="alert-container ng-scope" ng-if="$ctrl.isVisible">. Though I appreciate the error I can't see all of the content becasue of it.

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This is a picture to better explain what is happening. There is another flow that I can't click on to see under that div. Sometimes it's a bigger error but I didn't know how to force that one for a more dramatic example of what happens.

Thanks for the bug report. We are now tracking this and will update the thread once it is fixed.

We have changed the experience where we show the error. This is now fixed.

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