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An unknown function with name 'utcNow' was found.

Hi all


I'm trying to email myself a list of Dynamics Accounts based on a filter. The filter should remove accounts that have a new_lastactivitydate field value within the last 30 days, leaving all accounts with a new_lastactivitydate field value older than 30 days. 


I have the following odata string


new_lastactivitydate ge formatDateTime(addDays(utcNow(),-30),'yyyy-MM-dd')


But I get the following error:

An unknown function with name 'utcNow' was found. This may also be a function import or a key lookup on a navigation property, which is not allowed.


Does anyone know the correct syntax to filter out records with a new_lastactivitydate field value of less than 30 days from today?




Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hello Team,


Here is a filter query that should help you out.



new_lastactivityDate ge addDays(utcNow(),-30)


This removes all records that are more than 30 days old w.r.t new_lastactivityDate. 


If somehow I have confused your requirement you will still only need to play with greater than or less than here.


This has to solve your issue.


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Thanks for that. However I get the same error:


2020-09-15 18_52_17-NVIDIA GeForce Overlay.png

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