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Apply a Flow to multiple users/accounts at once


Is it possible to create a Flow and apply that Flow on 2000 users or on a particular group of users?


The context:
Our company has 5000 users. Each user has an Office 365 account and the majority uses Outlook web access to read their emails. Out of those 5000 users we have (give or take) 2000 users that are grouped into a category called SP (Sales People).


Unfortunately, these 2000 users are not computer savvy and rarely/never use Outlook web access to look at their emails. They don’t use it because they are not accustomed to it.


Instead, these 2000 users spend most of their time in their own personal email accounts such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc…

Because of that, we wanted to create a rule inside the mail flow of our Exchange admin center that would basically send a notification to their personal email address each time they receive a new email in the Outlook account.


That notification would simply say: Hey…you’ve got new emails inside your Outlook account, please come and see them.

Company policies do not allow us to simply forward or bcc that email to their personal email accounts.


After some digging, I realized that we couldn’t create that rule because of rules limitations.


Flow to the rescue…


While digging I stumbled upon Flow and quickly realized I could easily create a Flow that would send me an email to my personal account each time I receive an email in my Outlook account.


That’s great! But how can I apply that Flow to those 2000 users?


As a quick reminder, these 2000 users are not computer savvy. We can’t expect them to create individual Flows nor can we go inside these 2000 accounts and manually create these Flows.


So my question is: Can we create a generic Flow that can be applied to 2000 users at once? Or could be applied to a group such as the SP group like in my case?


I understand the notion of Team Flows where it makes it possible for multiple people to own and manage a flow together but unless I’m wrong, I’m not sure if Team Flows is best suited for my situation.


My understanding is that adding another owner (or group) to a Flow gives that owner or group the ability to edit, update and delete this flow which is NOT what I want these 2000 users to do.


I simply want to *apply* a Flow to 2000 users without having to creating that Flow 2000 times in each of their accounts.

Is there such a thing? Like a global Flow?



Not applicable

I too am looking for a way of "deploying" flows on users to automate actions domain-wide. 

I my case, I would have to sync calendars between outlook and google calendar for all users who have accounts in both wworlds. 


Any idea how to do that, if that is possible ? 

Community Support
Community Support

Hi Vince,


I guess currently Team Flow should be a good choice for you.

Per my certain knowledge, we can now share a flow with team members, otherwise, to achieve your needs, you would have to ask 2000 users to create their individual flows.


Please check this blog for a reference:

Please try it on your side to see if it works for you.


Best regards,
Mabel Mao

Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Thank you Mabel,


If I understand correctly, at the time of writing, the ability to create a Flow (Generic global Flow) and apply it on behalf of 2000 users without having them know about it is *not* something that is currently available/supported.


Do you happen to know if it will? And if so, are we talking weeks, months, years or you simply don’t know?


The proposed workaround, is to create a Team Flow and invite those 2000 users to that Flow.

My concern is that now, these 2000 users become owners of that Flow giving them the ability to edit, update and delete that Flow impacting all the other 2000 users. Is that right?


Is there, could there be a way to invite those 2000 users to that Team Flow but with *readonly* permission instead of making them full blown owners?


Thanks again Mabel for taking the time to answer.




Hey Michael,


I'm not sure if this is of any help but I found this Flow Template: Google Calendar to Office 365 Calendar


Perhaps you could tweak it to make it fit your needs (or simply get inspired by that Flow).


As for applying that Flow on users, as far as I know (and from the reply I got) I think the best workaround for now would be to make your Flow a Team Flow and invite the users you want.


I'm sure this is not what you're after but it might be workaround.


If anyone from the Flow team reads this, it would be nice to know if the ability of creating a Global Flow and apply it on behalf of X amount of users (or make a Flow readonly for them) is part of the Flow's roadmap or not, that would be great to know.


Hope this helps.

Hi Vince,


When we share a flow with team members, it seems that we are only able to specify the permission level as “Owners”. There is no selection for us to share a flow with “Read only” permission.

I haven’t seen a similar idea on Flow Ideas Forum, please consider a new one at here:


Hope this blog could be a reference for you:

Best regards,
Mabel Mao

Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

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