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Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Approval App - Follow-up button does nothing?

Hey all,

Approvals - viewed in the approvals app - now display an additional button "Follow up". However, when clicking this nothing happens. I do not see where to configure this, nor have I found documentation on how this works or what it does. 

Does anyone know more about this?





Frequent Visitor

I just saw the same and it seems to do nothing for me as well.  I do NOT see the button in the email notification of the approval, so I'm thinking it must be intended for the sender of the approval (like the Cancel Request button) and not the recipient?

As an update, this 'follow up' button only seems to display if I sent an approval to myself (e.g. for testing purposes)... which is even stranger - but there you go. If you send the approval to anyone else, this does not show up.

Regular Visitor

@DanielaHo I have it showing up for a user who has sent the approval out to a group of people.  Under "Pending response", no one is listed, but the approval is showing as "Requested" instead of "Approved", and she has the "Follow up" button.  When she clicked it, it said "Notification sent", but we don't know to who.

Oh wow that sounds problematic... as I said, for me clicking 'follow up' does nothing - possibly because it only shows for me when I sent the approval to myself. Odd that there is zero documentation on those buttons.

New Member

Hey @DanielaHo 

I was wondering the same thing and found that the Follow up drops a message in the activity feed of any Approvers who have not yet approved.  


Basically gives the Approvers a nudge.  I guess thats why only the person that kicked off the approval sees the Follow up button on the Approval card. 

Super User
Super User

The follow up (may) show the following:





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