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Helper III
Helper III

Approval Flows sending double emails

Hi All,

Has anyone experienced their Approval Flows sending two email notifications to Approvers that they have something to review? I have two Flows written exactly alike but for different departments. One sends two emails to the first approver and if that approver sends back both it will send two to the next approver and so on. The other Flow does not. I have racked my brain and there is no difference between the two other than they work from two different SP Lists.



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @kmason,


I haven’t seen such an issue so far. Could you show me a screenshot of your flow configuration?


Please make sure you don’t have another flow with the same approval action to the same approver.


I made a simple test and I didn’t get the issue you mentioned. If possible, please try to recreate the flow to see if the first approver will still get two emails.


Please feel free reply if you are still having the issue.


Best regards,

Mabel Mao

Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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I would love to @v-yamao-msft but how do you get your flow in a screen shot? My flow covers several screens like it would take 5 or 6 ss to get it all. Is that what you are asking for?

Okay @v-yamao-msft here is the Flow. It repeats the same steps for each approval.

First steps.pngsecond steps.pngthird.pngfourth.pngfifth.pngsixth.pngThe Conditions and Reponses and Approvals just continue for each appover.The Conditions and Reponses and Approvals just continue for each appover.

Hey @v-yamao-msft did you see my screen shots? any idea why this would generate two emails? I am meeting with a SP guru through our company today so I'm hoping she can help me as well. If you have any ideas though I would love to hear them.



Hi @kmason,


Have you resolved the Issue?

Any updates on this? I'm having the same problem with my flow sending two approval emails, about a minute apart from one another.

Helper III
Helper III

No, and MS couldn't help me with it either. I had to create a workaround. I sent the first approval to the initiator, let them get the double emails and then the others got a single one they way they are supposed to. The stupid thing is, I have the exact structure for two other approval workflows (without this workaround) and the double emails don't exist! It makes absolutely no sense.

Wow, that's really weird. I've scanned my flow and I can't see anything wrong with it, so I guess we just have to assume it's a bug on microsoft's part or something similar.

Helper III
Helper III

Hey @AMcmasterSage I will say this, I had to add some things to this flow and ended up re-doing it, and kept the workaround step and the new flow only sends the initiator one email like it should. You may try to copy it and add the initator as the first approval with just a quick email please approve this, no conditions and then go right to the second approver and see if that works for you too.


Let me know if it works. Good luck!

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Have exactly the same problem here (double approval flow initiated for one trigger action) and didn't get an answer in my other thread. 


Was initially thinking that this is an isolated incident for me. Maybe it is not and perhaps worthwhile for this to be evaluated for bugs

I agree @Anonymous. I did have a conversation with a MS rep but they tried to blame it on my Flow structure. This didn't make any sense because I use the same exact structure for two other approval flows and those run fine. I do feel better that I'm not the only  one that has had this problem.

Figured I'd give an update, but I recreated the same flow and it is no longer sending double emails despite being set up identically to my first flow. Really not sure what caused this at all

Helper III
Helper III

Hi @Anonymous. Yeah, I did the same thing. It is frustrating. I don't know about you, but I don't have time to futz around recreating things that were previously working. argh!

New Member

I have the same issue with a very simple flow where it has to update the approval status of a file on SP.

It runs fine but sends 2 emails and I cannot find the issue. I have deleted and rebuilt the flow and still have the same issueIMG_20181228_161656.jpgIMG_20181228_161606.jpgIMG_20181228_161539.jpgIMG_20181228_161456.jpg

Regular Visitor

I'm having the same issue at the moment and re-doing this flow is not really an option as it has multiple layers.  It seems like both emails are sent from two different accounts?  Has anyone checked if this is the case for them?




Helper II
Helper II

Hi, all


I previously have the same trouble. In my case it's due to I have the send email under a block of appy to each and after I move it out as a single step,the duplicate email disappeared. 

I'm a beginner on this, maybe does not suit your case. but for other beginners, hope this helps... 



Helper I
Helper I

Witnessed this problem today too, I'm very sure that this same flow ran without this issue before christmas holidays.


Just like @VswaldB the Send Approval action is part of an Apply to Each action. And I cannot change that, because it must be inside an Apply to Each.


This is very annoying, I know there is a price for jumping into a new software solution, but come on: Power Automate is celebrating it's fifth birthday this year. We rely on it to run our business, we cannot have these kind of scenario's.

Contacted support, turned out to be a known issue that they had already solved. Must be honest, that's quite a neat response time.

@PiebePost1 can you share what the solution is? I'm having the same issue with a flow.

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