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Approval email saying "This request not assigned to you" even thought it is

Very recently (last few weeks) it appears that the approval request email has changed.  With this change approvers have been getting the following message:



However, the user is obviously assigned the approval since they received the email.  They have been forced to approve from within Power Automate, which is ok, but completely defeats the purpose of sending an approval email.  This is affecting all 20+ of my Flows, which all have the same set up.  We have two approvers for each approval request with the Approval set to First to Respond.  This email message tends to only happen to only one of the approvers.  Again, this is a brand new issue -- these Flows have been running for 6-8 months without this issue so I do believe this is an issue with the email itself, not the Flow.  Is anyone else having this issue?

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I suggest reporting this as a bug in the I found a Bug forum

I would also consider opening a ticket with Microsoft.

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@ScottShearer ,


Thank you for the suggestion.  I did report it as a bug and received a non-answer two weeks ago then nothing since.  I'm beginning to suspect it might be on Outlooks side.  You mentioned submitting a ticket with Microsoft.  Do you have a link for doing that?


An Office 365 admin in you organization can create a ticket through the admin center.

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Hi Amber,


Did you receive any resolve on this. I too am experiencing this issue.


thank you

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Hi @itrole_44 , my IT department had updated my Office 10 (for unrelated reasons) and after a few days the issue seemed to fix itself.  I do think it's an Outlook versioning issue.  Which version is effected is hard to tell -- I'm not even convinced Microsoft knows.  But an Office update may fix the issue.


Good luck!

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Had the same issue, for me it was the following:
1, My Test Approver account was not licenced to use Power Automate.
2, I was accessing the Workflow email send to the Test Approvers email account via my email account.
When I actually logged on to a PC with my Test Approver account and opened the workflow email in their account, I no longer had the 'this request is not assigned to you' message.

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