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Advocate II
Advocate II

Approval to Teams Channel with table formatting

I have created a flow that creates an approval request. I am also attempting to place a copy of that approval request in a Teams channel, but am having issues with the formatting.


When I use the Create an approval step, I format the content so that it appears as a table as there is a whole heap of data that I need the approver to see before approving. This renders perfectly in the email sent to the approver, and in the Approval app in Teams. However, If I use the adaptive card from the approval to post into a channel. The table is not rendered correctly and shows all the formatting symbols (e.g. the |----|) etc.  The adaptive card posted though can be submitted as expected.


In an attempt to work around this I tried taking the adaptive card content and replacing the bit that renders the request data with a Fact Set to make it look better and it then renders correctly, but then when I try to submit the adaptive card I get



I did make sure when I copied the adaptive card content to replace all the ID's in it with dynamic content so that it's getting the correct approval ID, response URL, etc.
I thought that perhaps this just needs to be a post adaptive card and wait step, but when I do that I receive rdorman_0-1659270046555.png

Which to me means I should be able to post the adaptive card without waiting for the response since my flow already has a Wait for Approval step.


I have seen some posts on the web for a "Post approval to Teams channel" step but don't seem to have it available in my environment.


Any ideas how I can get this to work and look good?


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