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Attaching link to SharePoint document from a SharePoint document library to an email

Hi everyone,


I have a recurring (every day) flow set up that gets items from a SharePoint list that are +120 days and +90 days out and send an email with the title of the document and also the review date. 


I'd like to add to this flow such that it will include a link in the email to the document itself. The documents are stored in a document library located within in the same SharePoint site as the list.  The title of the document may or may not exactly match the document name in the document library. Also, the name of the document library is Policy-Working Documents and documents reside in a sub folder within the document library titled In Process.


For example, the list may have a document title "Employee Favorite Food" while the document library may have the title as "ABC-P10-0123 Employee Favorite Food.docx". Is there a way to account for slight discrepancies in the document title name?


Pictures of Current Flow:










Super User
Super User



Yes you can try with condition with logic-contains.


i just demonstrate how you will use condition. In left side use your Document title(library)  and in right side Document Tile (List).






Where in the Flow would the Condition need to be placed? Within the Apply to Each before Send an Email? 


Also, I am not sure how to indicate within the Condition on the left side that the Document Name variable should come from the document library since the Condition is based on the Value output from the previous Get Items step. Is there an additional step in Dynamic Content for this that I am just not seeing?


The list is named Policy Inventory. 

The document library is named Policy-Working Documents and the documents reside within a sub folder named In Process.


Thank you!





Within the Apply to Each before Send an Email. You need to use action-Get files inside apply to each before send email. After Get files action use condition and compare your document title then send email.






Within the Condition, how would I indicate that I want the Condition to look at the document names within a specific document library sub-folder.


  1. The document library is named Policy-Working Documents
  2. There is a sub-folder within the document library that has the documents. The condition should look for the document name within the document library sub-folder named In Process.
  3. I will add Send an email to the If Yes side of the condition and within that email will be a link to the document from the sub-folder in the document library.

How should I represent this in the Condition "Choose a value" field?


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