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Attatchment content filter not working as intended

Hey all, i want to filter attatchment emails in outlook based upon the PDF content containments.


For example if a PDF contains "F57" i want this condition to be true, and create a file in one drive, however i just setup a flow and ran it with the following conditions, i tested it by sending a email with three attatchments two of which contained F57 in the pdf however the last one DID NOT, and the conidtion approved it as "true" even though no where in the pdf can be searched F57



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Re: Attatchment content filter not working as intended

@SKinfo- As far as I know, Flow does not natively support the ability to seatch pdf files.  There may be a 3rd party connector (Parserr?) that may meet this requirement.





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Re: Attatchment content filter not working as intended

Thanks for the reply, i'll attempt such a workaround.


For the time being, would you know how to create a condition such that it's based upon the PDF file name with OR statements.


For example


If the PDF contains EXACTLY "F57" in the name OR "CC" in that exact sequence of characters, at any order (start/end/middle) of the name. I know how to sort of do it for one condition, but i'd appreciate an explanation.


If i want to set a condition if the name (contains: ABC ) without quotes, will names that contain the three letters out of sequence still trigger as true ? For example filename: "AlphaBravoCharlie.PDF" contains the three letters ABC, but out of sequence. will this trigger as true ? Does putting QUOTES in the basic condition window make a difference for example



Name contains "ABC" 

Name contains ABC 


Will the two above conditions function differently ?


If I want it to be exactly ABC, do i set the condition as 




will this trigger false everytime because the actualy name of the attatchment is truley ABC.PDF 


Let me know thanks 🙂 



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