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Auto-Resume SQL DB

I have an Azure SQL Server databases that is on the serverless tier, which pauses after an hour of inactivity.  We only use the database a few times a day so this works well for us.  The problem is that when the database is paused, our flows fail when they try to connect to a paused database.  The Azure SQL DB will auto-resume after a minute or two, but the flow has already failed and will not retry because it thinks it a bad gateway.


I have tried setting up a bogus query to run first, so that the server will auto-resume, but then of course that query fails too.  I can't simply have my flow be triggered on a failed query attempt.  Is there some way to simply have a flow try to log on to the server and then my flow if it works but wait 60-90 seconds if it doesn't? 

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @RayConsella 

There's a way to introduce a delay in Power Automate.

Here's anothe thread that answers that question

Is this what you need?

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It appears that you can put a delay in before you execute a step or after you execute a step, but not during.  So I don't think that helps. 


It's like knocking on a door and leaving if the person doesn't answer in 1 second.  The flow pings the DB but since it takes the DB a minute to auto-resume, the flow thinks no one is home and fails.  How can I get the flow to keep retrying the step if it fails, but move on to the next step if it succeeds?

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