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Auto update in MS lists

Hi,  I'm new to MS Lists & Sharepoint so I apologies if this is a simple fix. I've created a column in MS Lists which lets me know when a task is overdue and works well but... Is there a way that this 'days overdue' column updates automatically when I log in to MS Lists, or even a one touch refresh,  at the moment it will only update if I edit that section which is time consuming going through each task & really pointless to have it.

I believe I have to create a flow, but haven't a clue how to create one.







Community Champion
Community Champion

HI @petern19 


How are you checking if it's overdue? Is it a calculated field?


I would create a calculated field with the following formula:


=IF([Test Date]<TODAY(),"Elapsed","On Time")



In this case, my column is named "Test Date". Here's the result:

Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 08.48.51.png


Can you please check if and let me know if you have any questions?



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Thanks Manuel,


This is the formula I'm using,( below) would yours update every time I log in, or would I have to do manually for each task? I'm really after an automatic update each time I log in rather than changing each task every day. Someone suggested I create a 'flow' but have no idea how.  If I can't find a solution, then I may use your formula as at least I don't have to update each task every day.

=IF(LEN([Est Completion date])=0,0,IF([Est Completion date]<TODAY(),DATEDIF([Est Completion date],TODAY(),"d"),"-"&DATEDIF(TODAY(),[Est Completion date],"d")))

New Member

hi, do you have a solution to that? i have similar problem faced today.... while applying  TODAY function, finding sharepoint will not auto refresh the datedif value... poor..

Hello Manuel, 


I'm facing the same problem. Working with validating to todays day, and it doensn't update automaticly. 


Do you have any solution?

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