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Auto update in MS lists

Hi,  I'm new to MS Lists & Sharepoint so I apologies if this is a simple fix. I've created a column in MS Lists which lets me know when a task is overdue and works well but... Is there a way that this 'days overdue' column updates automatically when I log in to MS Lists, or even a one touch refresh,  at the moment it will only update if I edit that section which is time consuming going through each task & really pointless to have it.

I believe I have to create a flow, but haven't a clue how to create one.







Super User
Super User

HI @petern19 


How are you checking if it's overdue? Is it a calculated field?


I would create a calculated field with the following formula:


=IF([Test Date]<TODAY(),"Elapsed","On Time")



In this case, my column is named "Test Date". Here's the result:

Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 08.48.51.png


Can you please check if and let me know if you have any questions?



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Thanks Manuel,


This is the formula I'm using,( below) would yours update every time I log in, or would I have to do manually for each task? I'm really after an automatic update each time I log in rather than changing each task every day. Someone suggested I create a 'flow' but have no idea how.  If I can't find a solution, then I may use your formula as at least I don't have to update each task every day.

=IF(LEN([Est Completion date])=0,0,IF([Est Completion date]<TODAY(),DATEDIF([Est Completion date],TODAY(),"d"),"-"&DATEDIF(TODAY(),[Est Completion date],"d")))

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