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Automate a daily summary email of new files in a document library

Hi All, 


I've been trying to build a flow that gets all files uploaded to a document library in a 24 hour period, filters it for specific text in the file name like".Client2" at the end of the file name, builds an HTML table that lists all the new files with that certain text in the name, then sends a daily email with the table. 


I think I am stuck on the filter array part to get only the files uploaded between "now" and the last time the flow ran. I found a question and answer on here that led me to do the below, but it's not working. Does anyone have experience with this and can guide me to a solution?





Does the above filter, only query the files that were uploaded since the last run?

I found this here but I cannot get it to work.


Rest of the flow is pictured below.



I have not even tried to filter for the specific text at the end yet because I seemingly cannot get past getting new files and building a table with them. as you can see the output is blank below.  




I'm basically trying to get this flow to work but cannot for some reason. Also the Send an Email (V2) does not have an isHTML? at the bottom in advanced mode. 


Please help!


Thank you for reading!



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