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Automated Approval Flow not sending email to Approver

I have an Automated approval flow triggered by a new item in a sharepoint list.

The flow is created by a Service Account.


If I create the item and submit to myself for approval, I get an approval email.


If I select a different Approver, they do not receive an approval email.


If I create an Item using the Service Account credentials and select myself as an approver, I do not receive an approval email.


I understand that an Automated flow can be triggered by anyone creating a sharepoint list item to which the flow is attached.


Why is this happening? Any ideas?


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I find the same issue today,

the approval not sending the email,

but the process still running, 

you can approve from


the problem its not sending the email for approval,


please help.


thank you

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Have the same issue in Aus. Approvals are working in the flow, but emails are not being received. 



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Yes , the process is running.. I logged a ticket with support. Everything was fine a little while ago.

Most frustrating, as I have to think of workarounds.... like sending an email (also) to the approver with a link to Action Items in so the approver can at least access items for approval, or use the flow app.


A relief to know I am not the only one.

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And to add, the approval notifications are also not delivered to Outlook in o365, so it's not just the outlook client on desktop.

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Yup - frustrating. Some approval emails are working and others are not - even on the same flow. 


I'm having to "walk" each of the approvals through - which is frustrating. 


Have asked everyone to download the flow app, which gives them instant notification of approvals etc. which helps. 



I'm having the exact same issue. I even deleted the Approval connector and created it again. And then it seemed starting working again but now it has stopped again.


Any idea on how to escalate this to the appropriate people?

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hello All,


I think you right now Microsoft teams is the new face for approvals.


Do not drive approvals via Emails, i think its better to use Microsoft teams for driving approvals, it's a one stop shop for everything now.


I have been doing this for a while now and it works just awesome.


If you want to refer to a blog post on how to drive approvals through Microsoft teams using Adaptive cards, please take a look at my blog post below-

Something I noticed now on the "Approval" configuration.

If you click on "Show Advanced Options", there is a "Enable Notifications" dropdown that says "Enable email and push notifications" by default.

I've now explicitly set this dropdown to "Yes".

Let's see if this makes any difference. 

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 Hi all


This morning it started to work again without me doing anything.


HOWEVER, all approval requests submitted yesterday did not arrive to approver's mailbox, only todays.


This means that there is an issue with email notifications using Approvals in flow.


In my opinion, this is unacceptable. 2010 workflows are over, and 2013 workflows are following the same path.


Microsoft insists we use PowerApps and Automate... fine, I have learned, and enjoy it very much.


By the same token, Microsoft must ensure its services are fully operational.

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Yup, all appears to be working this morning. 


After 2 days of issues (first the Forms connector not working), and yesterday the email issue - i'm hoping it will be smooth sailing moving forward. 



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UPDATE after logging a ticket:


It seems some Approval Flows have been deprecated - got to love this new catch phrase.

If you use the Approval Template from Microsoft - for new sharepoint item - the approval is deprecated.

Here is the response sent to me from support. I did ask them if the Approval in the template is deprectaed, then why is the template still available?????


Here is the document explain the update of the approval:


I have had to recreate my approval flows with non-deprecated functionality.


Hope this helps.



Helper I
Helper I

Hello Everyone,


I am also facing the same issue , I have 3 level of Approval in my flow , I used to receive email notification for first 2 approval but not receiving email notification for 3 approval .

Please let me know if anyone knows a solution.

Helper III
Helper III

Recently had the same problem. If I delete the connector and rebuild it it seems to work, but knowing microsoft I doubt that will work for good

Frequent Visitor

If you are going to use the Approval in Power Automate it is best to check the (I) - the Current Template - Start approval when item is added will not work. It has been deprecated, and Microsoft has not removed it.


This is the same for the Template Request manager approval for a selected item. the Start an Approval add-in has been deprecated.


Best to create Approval flows from Blank and choose you Approval type. I have not had errors using this method.


You may also use the Template, delete the Approval Add in, and insert a new Approval that has not been deprecated.

This also works.



Helper I
Helper I

I have an Automated approval flow triggered by a new item in a sharepoint list.

If I create the item and select different Approver, Approver gets an email.


If others create the item and select different Approver, Approver does not get an email.


But flow says Your flow ran successfully.


Why is this happening? Any ideas?

Frequent Visitor

Did you create the Approval from template or create it from scratch?

I created from Scratch.


It worked normally but 2 days ago I added get attached content, then the approval started to bug.


Any idea

Frequent Visitor

It is not easy to comment without looking at the actual Power Automate flow to see where the bug could be triggered.


It runs successfully but doesn't send approval email.


Any Idea?

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