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Automatic moving of emails

When an email is moved manually(by drag & drop), the chain mails having the same subject should move to the same folder thus avoiding moving of mails multiple times & also it avoids missing of some mails to that folder.
Can this be automated through Power Automate.??? If yes kindly support me in making this task. Thanks in advance 🙂
Community Champion
Community Champion


The above drag and drop and similar mails going into same folder isnt possible.

But you can do a thing, where whenever a email arrives and its has a common subject you can move it to another folder. So after that any email with similar subject will go to that folder.


For this you can do:

Take the trigger when an email arrives and click on advanced options.There you will see subject filter. In that you can specify the respective subject you want. 

For example: I receive mails from Developer Team all day. So, they come with a subject Dev.

So, in the filter I have given Dev there, you can give whatever you want. You can also open the option called, include attachments, so if a email is coming with attachments, it will also take that. Otherwise emails with attachments will be ignored.




After this use move email action.

In the message id select the message id coming from the trigger, then choose the folder you want to transfer it to.



This is how you can achieve this.


You can check out the following videos:


First video related to your thing: [A little old though]


2nd video not directly related to your thing, but you can add some of its actions if required:

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Thank you @Sundeep_Malik for the quick response. 





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