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Automating OneNote Page Creation with/from Outlook 365 calendar appointment/meeting details

Is there a way to automate the 'Create OneNote Page' feature/add-in from an Outlook 365 calendar appointment/meeting?


I've tried Power Automate's "Create a OneNote page for an upcoming Office 365 Outlook event" template, but I cannot get the code correct to create the OneNote page with the same data and formatting as the Outlook 365 'Create OneNote Page' feature/add-in creates-see screenshots below.


Outlook 365 Create OneNote Page.jpgCreated OneNote Page from Outlook 365 .jpg

New Member

Hi @leoyoung - I'm interested in this too.


I'd love to use Flow to do this using a meeting notes template I create, rather than having to manually create the notebook elements in the page created by the Outlook/add-in. I use Evernote for the simple reason that the new calendar integration has a button to press that creates a new note with all the meeting details AS WELL AS having pre-defines sections for notes & actions, including bullet points and check boxes.


I'd like to migrate over to OneNote but I'm not quite ready yet (for this and other reasons...). I've tried creating my own Flow for this but the on-ramp of learning how to code in HTML (at least to this luddite) is too steep.

New Member

Add me to the list of people interested in this, @leo and @OliOliOli !   

One addtl component I'd love to learn more about..... customizing the page title.  My personal use of OneNote, so that I can easily sort my meeting notes chronologically, I modify the default subject and insert " - " at the beginning of the subject (based on the date of the meeting).  I prefer this rather than relying on Date Created or Date Modified. 

I honestly know zero about HTML.  I've tried to the best of my ability, but failing miserably to modify the default code in Power Automate template to help this work correctly.



New Member

I'm also interested in this!

I too adjust the title of each note with MM/DD (similar) to view the notes chronologically--helps so much in quickly scanning a list of meeting notes. I just tried to create a Flow but was disappointed that it only supports adding the subject and not all of the great bells/whistles you get by adding the meeting information in OneNote through the Outlook add-in. Fingers crossed this generation can become automated. Probably waste 20 minutes a day generating and formatting these.

Peter McDermott

Thanks for sharing that about Evernote...since no community users seem to have a solution for this and I haven't received any response from inquiries with developers, it might be time for me to stop using OneNote and switch to Evernote... 

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