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Azure Logic App- Sliding Window vs Recurrence

Hi ,
I am more looking to get a clarity on Sliding Window trigger in logic apps and how it differs from Recurrence.

**My current workflow in Logic App:** I have a SharePoint folder from where I am sending the information about each file in the folder to Service Bus and then moving the files inside the folder to other folder in same SharePoint site. Also in the folder there is a metadata file which is skipped by the flow as metadata file is read for each file when the message is passed to service bus . Now there are more than 500 files which gets uploaded in the SharePoint folder.

**My confusion with triggers:** I wanted my logic app to process all the files in the folder in one run and it should not start the other run unless all the files in the folder has been processed. So I did a recurrence trigger with concurrency as 1 and set for every 1 hour. I see the same option is for Sliding Window. And here I fail to understand what is the difference. Recurrence will not allow my logic app session to overlap since I have kept the concurrency as 1. will that same thing will be for Sliding window?

If some one can explain this (maybe with a small example)?




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