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Memorable Member

BUG: OneDrive for Business List Files


The List Files in Folder action for OneDrive for Business does not recognize dynamic paths. Other OneDrive for Business actions DO.


- The Folder Path showin in CREATE ZIP, CREATE MSAPP and UNZIP actions is dynamic.

- The end folder in the path may or may not exist when the flow runs

- If it does not exist, OneDrive creates it

- Conversely, the LIST FILES action shown last does NOT support the same dynamism

- If the end folder in the path does not exist when the flow runs, it fails with the error:

"status": 400,
"message": "The expression \"drive/items/backups/Azure-Maps-App-Demo/children\" is not valid.",
"source": ""
- If the end folder in the path does exist, AND its selected as a static path using the folder icon, the flow is successful


Please consider this a bug in the LIST FILES action of OneDrive for Business.

Thank you

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

I noticed that theres a "\children" added to the path that messes my flow up similarly to yours.


I swapped the onedrive action with a Dropbox version of "list files" and did not encounter any issues and the path does not include "\children"

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