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Helper IV
Helper IV

Bad gateway errors - help me understand


I went to edit a flow today and say an error stating "There's a problem with the flow's trigger."  When I click the link to fix the trigger, the error is on the "When an item is created or modified" (in SharePoint) trigger.  When I expand the error, this is what I see:


"error": {
"code": 502,
"message": "Unable to connect to the remote server",
"source": "",
"path": "forward-request",
"clientRequestId": "37556088-ce5a-44a8-bac0-bdf693f416e9"


I had the issue yesterday and copied the flow to a new flow and the error vanished.  It's back today.    Any tips on troubleshooting?  Yes, I have read a few of the Bad Gateway posts here and will continue researching, but I need this fixed as soon as possible so I wanted to post separately.



Helper I
Helper I

I've started having similar issues recently, so it does seem to be a more widespread issue.

So far I've not seen Microsoft responses to acknowledge these issues.


Hopefully they will soon..

Thanks - yeah, it is frustrating because it will work fine and then just suddenly stopped.  I'm concerned these issues will persist and affect my clients.

Hey @blanghorst / @kyle1 


This issue has been here for a while now and has been happening to flows created from templates or created as copies. Here are two fixes that have worked for most folks so please give it a try: 

1. Delete the current trigger from flow and add a new one (you might have to change certain things in the flow then to add any related dynamic data)

2. Export the flow as a zip package and import it back and then delete the old flow. 


Hope this Helps!

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Thanks, I'll give it a shot.   When the error first occurred, I made a copy of the Flow and the copy was fine.  Now the copy is showing the same error, so I'll try your steps below.  It's amazing that MS has not addressed this yet.

Hi @yashag2255 


Sadly both of these steps I've tried by creating a whole new flow, with new files referenced. So in my case it is nothing to do with copied flows/exported flows (for reference I have also done a combination of those things).


As @blanghorst said, it's sporadic, it may work for a short time before erroring again no matter what steps were taken beforehand.



It's frankly inexcusable that this hasn't been fixed given the number of errors being reported.  Between this and the decisions (or lack thereof) MS has made regarding the features of PowerApps, I have to wonder what they're thinking most of the time.

@blanghorst Fully agree. It really shakes our confidence in a product that has a lot of potential benefit. Their recent rebrand into the power platform and introduction of the premium plans also tells us this is no longer a beta service. As a company which heavily invests in Microsoft services, the lack of any official support channel for one of its licenced products is, as you point out, inexcusable.

Agreed.  I've already had one client give up on PowerApps due to MS not keeping its promises on adding certain features.  I thought that at least Power Automate would be reliable but I was obviously wrong.  What am I supposed to tell my client if a Flow trigger fails in the middle of a busy day?  "Oh, that's known behavior - let me reimport the flow and if that doesn't work, recreate the trigger and go through the entire multi-tier flow to fix references."  Unacceptable MS - completely unacceptable.

@blanghorst I have managed to raise a support case with Microsoft. I had a lengthy call with an engineer yesterday, but wasn't able to resolve the issue. I'm now awaiting feedback on further investigations. I will keep this thread updated of any updates.



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