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CDS & CDS (current environment) Triggers not working anymore ?!?!

Is it possible that the above mentioned CDS Triggers are not working properly anymore? I am experiencing very random behaviour in multiple systems and environments. Especially setting Concurrency Control to 1 seems to completely kill the Trigger! 


Does anybody else experience werid behaviour with the CDS Triggers?


Thanks in advance for any type of answer.


Hello @FloZimmer

While editing the flow, can you try:
On the top right of screen the button for ‘test’
Click ‘I will perform trigger action’
Wait for the flow to ask you to now trigger.
Now go trigger your flow, (create, update, delete) whatever your trigger is.

One thing to note, how are you trying to trigger the flow?
There is a chance the trigger won’t properly execute if the trigger action is not being triggered by manual CDS entry. (ie: If another flow is creating a item in CDS, a second flow might not pick up the new record)

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Hi @FloZimmer 


I have some prod flows running pretty fine on both the CDS and the CDS current environment trigger. 


Any particular reason that you have changed the concurrency? And especially to 1 means that a new flow will not start unless a previously running flow has succeeded. 


Hope this Helps!

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Thanks a lot for your replies!


@yashag2255 Yes, I've deliberately chosen to set Concurrency to 1, so that's fine.


@Jcook Thanks for this tip, I will give it a try later. Until now, the Flows actually always ran fine, so this feature didn't even come to my mind - thanks!.

Concerning your point "Flow triggered by Flow". I know I have a couple of Flows running that do just that and they're working fine. So I guess this might be a "could happen" Bug and luckily not a general behavior of Power Automate 🙂 Anyways, the Flow is triggered by a User updating a Field on the Lead entity.


To provide a litte bit more background pertaining my Debugging approach: 

- crm4 --> EMEA Region

- Have noticed that something is wrong with the Update Triggers

- Tried manual trigger with a CDS Action --> worked

- Tried CDS Create Trigger --> worked

- Tried in the Test System --> here the Update Trigger worked (in Dev Update would just not work no matter what). This already seems pretty strange to me.

- Tried to set the Concurrency of the Update Trigger to 1 --> Flow won't fire anymore

- Tried to set the Concurrency to 1 in another customer's tenant --> Flow won't fire anymore

- Being desperate --> posting to Community Forum 🙂


This all seems quite strange to me. I have already built many Flows and never experienced such random behavior with the Triggers. It did happen 2 or 3 times though, that the first Run would have a delay of let's say 5-10 minutes. Afterwards, the Flow would run instantly. 


Again, I will try your tip and get back to you with hopefully good news.


Greetings from Germay



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Hello again,

so I´ve done a bit of testing and can surely confirm that there is something utterly wrong with the CDS Triggers. Without Concurrency Control the Flows sometimes run, but often enough they even don´t! Setting Concurrency Control definately kills the Trigger in 100% of cases, so there seems to be an issue with that. I´ve tested in 3 different tenants. 

I´ve also noticed issues with the Update Trigger of some already existing Flows. Others however, are running fine. So the problem seems to be quite random.

The Bug has been also confirmed by a colleague of mine who is a very experienced Senior Consultant.

@yashag2255 & @Jcook Would you mind to do a quick test on your side.


  • Create 2 new Flows with the CDS Update Trigger (standard & current environment) with a simple Compose action step. Leave Concurrency Control off
    • If they run, please turn on Concurrency Control.


  • Create 2 new Flows with the CDS Update Trigger (standard & current environment) with a simple Compose action step. Set Concurrency Control to 1 during creation.


A test on your side would be highly appreciated as it might shed some light on the issue.

Thnak you very much!



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