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Can i have one Flow for multiple similar lists on multiple sites

I have a sharepoint custom list which have 5 site columns, and this list with the same name and same column names is added to 10++ site collections. now i have created an MS flow for one list which get fired when adding a new item..


so my question is; since i have the same list (same columns names) added inside the 10 site collections, so can i create a single Ms Flow and reference it from the 10 lists inside 10 separate site collections? or i should create 10 separate Ms flow for the 10 lists and manage them separately ?

Super User
Super User

@johnjohn123 I understand your need but it would be best to have separate flows for each site as it would be easy from troubleshooting and maintenance point of view. Also the trigger when an item is created, had it been a flow which runs once a day, you could have tried having the site urls in a list and the flow would iterate through each item(site url) and do something.


So its best to have separate flows and keep it simple.


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@jinivthakkar  but the flow in my case is long so re-create it for 10++ sites will not be feasible . also let say i need to do a general update to the flow, then if i have 10++ Flows, i will have to do the change 10++ times!.. i hope you got why i need the same flow and reference it inside multiple sites... is this possible?

@johnjohn123 why is it difficult to recreate? You can save the flow with a different name and just recreate and then just check all connections.

Did you try Save As to recreate?

@jinivthakkari know about save as,,, but what if we need to do a general update for the MS Flow... then we will need to update the 10++ Ms Flow separately !! maintainability is not about how easy you can create,, but how easy you can do a update for multiple sites/lists..... again i hope you get my point.

@johnjohn123 Yes I agree with you but we can't have a generic flow like we have a function in coding where you pass parameters and one function works for multiple inputs.

With that said I rest my case.

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