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Can power Automate do this? Send unique URLs to open automatically on ipad in single app mode

I have a need and wonder if it could be accomplished using power automate.  We have ipads that are set up for the public to access a specific web site.  Currently, those ipads are configured to run Safari in single app mode, and content restrictions are in place to only allow the one web site to be accessed.  All users start at the same site, then choose from dropdowns to get into their own unique session.  The way that works is changing though.  Soon, the only way for users to get to their individual session on the site will be through opening a unique URL that is automatically generated and sent to a specified phone number or email address.   I would expect a different person to be using the ipad every 15-30 minutes, so we need a way to get the new unique URL open on the ipad quickly and easily.  


We can't ask users to manually type that long and obnoxious unique URL in, so we need a way to send the URL directly to the ipad to be opened.  The good news is that the URL doesn't have to go to the individual's actual email address or phone number, we can send it any address.  If we send it to a generic internal mailbox, I think it should be easy enough to set something up using power automate that triggers when a new email is received, captures the URL from the email, and sends that URL to the ipad, right?  The problem is that I need to keep these ipads locked down as much as possible, ideally in single app mode.  Is there any way to have power automate receive a notification with the URL in the background and auto open the URL in safari?  


Or, if I'm going about this the wrong way, can you suggest any better method for accomplishing the goal? 

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Memorable Member

Hello @NeighborGeek 


Is this still a need you have?

I am not sure that Power Automate is the right tool for this 🙂

Anyway, could you describe the whole process/functionality you need - from identifying that a specific person is going to use a specific iPad to the iPad browser showing the person specific site? That way we may better be able to suggest a way to go.

Kind regards, John

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