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Resolver II
Resolver II

Can't update a many to many relationship in Dataverse from Power Automate

Hi! I have two tables Planificaciones (Plans) and Acciones (Actions) and they are related in a many to many relationship.

Whenever I need to relate records I usually use a modern driven app, go to the planification I want and in a grid I select wich actions I want to relate that planification to.


Now we need to automate the process so I am creating a Flow that "loads" or updates the actions that go to each plan but whenever I use the "update a record" action for dataverse and select the plan table it doesn't give me the Action column to add the related actions.



As you can see there's a lot of columns but no actions one.

I imagine there's must be a way to do this in power automate since you can do it in a modern driven app made by power apps.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @FacundoGorla ,


You could use the 'relate rows' action to achieve your needs.




Best Regards,


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