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Cannot populate Bucket Id's from a Sharepoint list during "Create a Planner Task"

I have a list set up in Sharepoint and a Flow that works to create the tasks in Planner when a new item is added.  Everything works on the Flow except when I attempt to add the Bucket Id to the action.  I have attached the error message below. Basically need to be able populate the Bucket Id from a field labeled "Project Type Value" from my list in Sharepoint.  


Any suggestions are appreciated. It may be something simple I am missing since I am a little new to flows. 

  "error": {
    "code": "",
    "message": "Schema validation has failed. Validation for field 'BucketId', on entity 'Task' has failed: The specified identifier is invalid.",
    "innerError": {
      "request-id": "a29ebbfb-2024-473a-a57e-5313b68635f8",
      "date": "2018-01-17T23:52:55"

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous,


Which data type is the "Project Type Value" within your SharePoint list?

Further, could you please share a screenshot of your flow's configuration?


The error message told that the specific BucketId that you provided is not valid within Bucket Id field of "Create a task" action. I assume that the "Project Type" column is a Choice type column, is it true?


I have created a SharePoint list on my side and the data structure of it as below:2.JPG

Note: The TaskName column is a Single line of Text type column, Executor column is a Person or group type column, Due Date is a Date and Time type column and Project Type column is Choice type column. The structure of Project Type column as below:1.JPG

I have made a test on my side and the issue is confirmed on my side. My flow's configuration as below:3.JPG

The flow fails as below, even though, the corresponding Bucket Id has been existed in my Planner plan:4.JPG

Note: The available Bucket Id in my Planner plan as below:5.JPG


If I choose a Bucket Id manually within "Create a task" action on my side, the flow would run successfully. Actually, the "Create a task" action find the specific Bucket Id via a series of string (e.g., 'q5aGqAmSh0eGWAx6Bc0kxskAJtBY') and then create a task within the Bucket Id. The "Create a task" action UI just translate the string (e.g., 'q5aGqAmSh0eGWAx6Bc0kxskAJtBY') into a friendly name (e.g., 'To do').6.JPG


If I filled the specific string (e.g., 'q5aGqAmSh0eGWAx6Bc0kxskAJtBY') within "Bucket Id" field of "Create a task" action, the flow would work successfully. I have made a test on my side and my flow's configuration as below:7.JPG

The flow works successfully as below:8.JPG


Best regards,



Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Hey Kris, 


Thanks for looking into this one. Your test and sample list configuration are exactly how I have mine set up currently. 


Project Type Value field is from a Choice type column in the list I have created. 


Since it seems that the create task Bucket ID is looking for the specific string should I attempt to switch to an IF() statement or conditional flow to populate the correct string dependent on the original value from the list?  Or is dynamically performing the Bucket ID population not possible?


- Nik

Regular Visitor

Same exact problem here - did you ever find a solution?

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Ended up creating a list that contains my Bucket and Plan Id's to facilitate the population from the Sharepoint list to the Planner Buckets.


I have my overall ProjectLog list that has a Select/Lookup option for project types from a ProjectsType list.  ProjectTypes list has the following fields:


  • ProjectType (My Buckets for Planner) ex:  " Account Implementation "
  • Plan (Different Plan for planner is needed) ex: " Implementations "
  • PlanID - These will be the uniquely generated PlanID from Planner like "MNuK2xFs9kK8HyA3jbPN3GQABxYw"
  • BucketID - These will be the unique BucketID from planner like "2dpuDovfZEmCqh1edbvO-mQADkQI" 


So when a user selects "Account Implementation", in this example, the ProjectLog triggers the flow to create the Task in Planner based on the details populated upon selection.


How to get your references for your master list:

  1. Figure out what Buckets you will want and create them in Planner.
  2. Get your Bucket ID's from planner -  Create a manual trigger flow with the action "List Buckets" and select the plan id you want to get the details for.
  3. Once you run the flow you can get the details from the "OUTPUTS"" section like below: 
    • [
          "name""Account Implementation",
  4. Then just update your create Task flow to reference the "BucketID Value" from your Create Item reference and apply it to the Bucket ID in Create a Task

Hopefully this helps.  It was better than the massive if statements and allows you to add more as the needs come up.

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I don't understand steps 3 and 4 below when you look at the output. I have a choice column too. Say I have:


Value 1

Value 2


Bucket 1 -- id: 123

Bucket 2 -- id: 456


How can I make sure Value 1s go to bucket 1 and value 2s go to bucket 2? I can create a list buckets step but I don't understand what to do after that. Thanks for your help.

Looks like the post has been a while... Have you got it solved please? I am trying to create a task from a sharepoint list item as well, and the bucket ID, I want it to be dynamic. Meaning based on which one I choose from the list, the task is created into different bucket that I have already created in Planner. (SharePoint List choices and Planner Buckets have the same name)

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